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So, I had my hair tamed/straightened today. I have a big curly afro on most days, but I decided to straighten it for the Big Day. I was walking down the street toward work and I saw one of my colleagues.

He stops in the middle of the sidewalk and smiles. “Simone,” he says ” you look AMAZING… you should try to look like that all the time.”

Gee Whiz….was that a compliment!?

Admittedly, I don’t invest a lot of time in how I look. I think make-up is great, but personally I’d rather sleep the extra ten minutes. I like my hair straight too, but its toooooo time consuming to maintain that hairstyle. But, I try not to look like a bum…most days:-)

Secretly, I just hope whatever dude God has for me will think the Simone…that’s plain… loves to wear t-shirts n’ blue jeans…has crazy hair.. and wears no make-up is amazing.

5 Days and counting

The BIG day is almost here! Only 5 more days until Isaac gets married. I’m almost ready too. I had my dress fitted this weekend. I got smashing earrings at a fire-sale price this weekend. And, I gave myself a facial this weekend. Now, all I need is a manicure, pedicure, and my hair tamed.

Hmmm…what else?

Maybe a necklace if I can find a nice one on sale, but I plan to give my brother and Rebeka the perfect wedding gift…cash. So, I can’t spend a lot of money.

I have to say writing this blog and reading your responses and experiences has been good for me. Y’all have been so supportive and have offered so much wisdom and encouragement. Keep it coming! I don’t have the anxiety that I had 23 days ago about facing my friends and family and I’m armed with some responses to the question “When are you getting married?” Here’s a few:

1. I plan to remain wild and single.

2. I’m taking my time, but only start worrying if I haven’t found someone in 60 years or so.

3. It’s a mystery.

4. 17 days from now (insert sarcasm).

5. It could be a while. God is preparing someone really special.

My How Things Change?!?!

Just think, they once felt the same way as the kiddos!

Ronald Soliman / Delaware – United States
Source – Wedding Photojournalism

The Kirk Klan

 Allow me to introduce my family. You’ve already heard about my mother, my brother that’s getting married, and the baby boy, Issachar. I have pretty good stories on each and every family member, but I’m going to go for simple descriptions of what they are doing right now and save all the stories for another entry. 


My dad, Onnie, runs a non-profit for boys from single-parent homes.


Miriam (red turtle neck) plays basketball, the trumpet and is as tall as me…but she is only 14.


Micheala is 17, a senior in high school, runs track, and plays the piano occasionaly.


Immanuel (red shirt far left) is 19, an engineering major, and plans to walk on to his Division I basketball team this semester. He’s pretty good too…so I think he is a shoe-in.


Isaac you know…is getting married.


Israel 23 (red shirt back row) is going to graduate school in the fall, helps my dad during the summer, and would describe me as a tight-wad.


Isaiah 21 (red jacket) plays basketball, LOVES to dance and will be a senior in the fall.




I finally accepted the fact that I was not going to have a date to take to the wedding. I RSVPed this past weekend…exactly, 18 days late. I held off filling out the dreaded “number of guests” section on the response card for as long as I could.

I think part of me was just hoping that some knight in shining armour would appear within that small window of opportunity. Hope springs eternal!

Conversation A; Conversation B

I’m pretty shy. Wait, I know what you are thinking. “Simone, you are the farthest thing from shy.” But in actuality, I am shy…when it comes to guys that I think I might like. I have a bad habit of ignoring them. I get all nervous, and can’t think straight, and can’t make coherent sentences. In other words, I lose all sense of normalcy. So, I resort to ignoring them in an effort to keep from saying anything stupid.

There are three simple things that I look for in a guy. But, they sure are hard to come by!
1. Tall
2. Loves Jesus
3. Volunteers
Number 1 is somewhat negotiable, but 2 and 3 most certainly are not. Of course, he has to be honest, hard working, love his family, etc. etc. but those are all things that I expect.

Here is a typical conversation that I might have with a guy that I have no interest in what so ever.

Conversation A
Simone: Good Morning, Titus! How are you?
Guy A: Good, Simone, how are you?

Simone: Well, thank you. Did you have a good weekend?
Guy A: I did, buy I didn’t do much watched the game, hung out with some friends, and went running. That’s about it.

Simone: Sounds like you had a good weekend! I went running too, but the heat made it pretty tough. I’m going to try and run earlier next weekend. Are you training for anything?
Guy A: Yes, the Marine Corp Marathon. I’ve run it a couple of years in a row.

Simone: Whoa! That’s awesome. I dream about doing a marathon one day, but I’m not there yet. Congratulations on setting that tremendous physical goal, Titus. It was good to talk to you. Have a good day!
Guy A: You too, Simone. See you later.

Now, for the conversation with the guy that I think I might like…but I have no idea because I’ve never had a decent conversation with him.

Conversation B

Guy B: Hi Simone! How are you?
Simone: Well, thank you.

Guy B: Did you have a good weekend?
Simone: Yes, thank you

Guy B: Oh, what did you do?
Simone: Nothing much, just hung around

Guy B: Well, that sounds nice. Have a good day, Simone
Simone: Thanks.

Why on Earth do I do this? If I could only get myself to have Conversation A with Guy B.

Tax Help

Yehuda Fishkind, a Certified Financial Analyst, came to my job last year to conduct a Financial Planning Seminar for new hires. At the beginning of the seminar, he explained that he was Jewish and that he was here to talk to us about money…so we should listen up. No argument on my part. After several intense hours of pouring over different retirement plans we took a break for lunch.

So, I seized the opportunity to get some one-on-one coaching for my tax situation. You see, I’ve lived in both Tennessee and Texas where the folks down there have the good sense not to have a state income tax. And, I never realized before what a difference not having a state income tax can make to the take home pay. I explained all this to Yehuda.

Yehuda: Are you investing the maximum pre-tax amount in your 401K?
Simone: Yes

Yehuda: Are you taking the deductions for your student loan interest?
Simone: Yes

Yehuda: Do you contribute to the Health Savings Account?
Simone: Yep

Yehuda: Hmmmm, You should get married.

I can’t remember how I responded to that, but I do remember thinking “Seriously, is that the best advice you can give me?”

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