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Pranks, Mealtime, & The Power of the Table

A Matter of Taste

My best family memories happen during mealtime.

“Maaaaaan, y’all ain’t gonna believe what we did at school one time.” That’s how my younger brother prepped us for one of his college escapade stories. He played division one basketball and was always getting into excitement (read: trouble). We were all are sitting around for mealtime and it was his turn to share.

The Prank of the Century 

This particular evening my brother told us about a prank that he pulled with his roommate. They lived in a quad-style student housing complex with most of the other student-athletes. So he and his roommate came up with the brilliant idea to place a false advertisement in all of the mail boxes.

The ad explained that each female resident that came into the leasing office and passed gas would receive a $200 discount off of their rent. So many deal seekers came into the leasing office that day, the emergency communication system was used to tell residents that the ad was a hoax. Continue reading

Why Fathers Matter

I’ve been watching a LOT of ESPN’s 30 for 30 lately. I’m not a huge sports fan, but with these films you get the stories behind all the glitz and glamour of high-profile athletes and sporting events. The last one I watched was about Maurice Clarett, and at its core his 30 for 30 is about fathers and sons.

The film documents the revival of the Ohio State football program and the down fall of Maurice. He was a promising athlete, started as  a Freshman running back, and carried the team to a National Championship on his back.

After the season was over, however, he was suspended indefinitely for NCAA violations. And his promising football career spiraled downward into a life of crime.

Continue reading

How to Handle Holiday Stress

For some folks, the holidays are filled with family, love, and laughter. For others, the holidays are constant reminders of what is missing in your life. Either way, the holiday stress will probably visit you (despite the love, joy, and peace that should be the reason for the season).

Because someone is guaranteed to come at you wrong, steal your parking space, or tap dance on your last nerve. At least, that has been my experience:-). Here’s two ways to handle the holiday stress: resting and sowing. Continue reading

3 Ways to Connect Despite the Noise of Devices

We’re having a lot of problems with him. And, we can’t seem to get him off of his cellphone and Xbox.” That’s what the lady sitting behind me at breakfast said the other day. I immediately sat up straight and leaned a little closer to listen in. (Okay, so I’m nosy.)

She wanted her son to be present.  She wanted to connect. And, she also wanted her husband to help in cutting her son’s addiction to electronic devices.

But, she felt alone.

I have the same problem with my 17-year old brother. Continue reading

The Secret of Overcoming Fear

Overcoming FearFor me, it seems like every day is a fight in overcoming fear. No, I don’t kick and scream. No, I don’t cower in the corner.  But I do have a voice that pops up and asks accusatory questions, like:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • I wouldn’t send that email if I were you?
  • Why are you even trying this?

Waaaay better people have come before you and failed. Continue reading

Father, Farmer, Ball Player

A fathers view

My Nephew

Earlier this year my little brother , Isaiah, was featured on a local blog. He’s co-parenting the cutest little boy you will ever lay your eyes on. (Okay, so I’m biased. )

By dawn , he’s a ball player.  He works out and practices several hours a day. By day, he’s a farmer and helps run an organic farm. But, he lives for the time he gets to spend with Obie, every other week.  Continue reading

Can a Black Family Live Happily Every After?

Black FamilyA few years ago, I had almost given up hope on black marriages and the idea of a black family. I witnessed two of my cousins go through tragic divorces.

And the only happy couples I knew were my parents and my best friend’s parents. But, they were both in their late fifties.

Two things happened that changed my perspective.

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