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2016 Review (or Why This Blog’s Been Silent 6 Months)

Y’all. I’ve been working on this 2016 review for weeks.

But I just haven’t been able to get my act together.  Typically, I like to spend the last few days of a year reflecting on all that’s happened.  You know, the highs, the lows, how I’ve navigated and God’s grace through it all.

The thing is,  2016 has not been typical.

As 2017 opens, I wanted to share a not-so-brief update on why I’ve been MIA. And ask for a bit of grace as my life drastically changes in a few weeks.

The primary reasons I’ve been out of touch are: a baby, a book and our new little bungalow. Since it’s been a while since we’ve chatted, I’ll just give you a chronological update (and lots of pictures) of the last six months. Continue reading

How To Follow God When You Don’t Know Where He’s Leading

Follow God

The past two months have been quite the adventure in how to follow God. At times, the path has been bright and filled with hope. But many times, the path has been dark and God’s goodness has felt very far away.  I feel like all of us have these seasons:

  • where we’re just frustrated with following the Lord
  • His answers don’t seem to be come fast enough
  • and we wonder…is all this worth it?

Continue reading

Why I Hate to Talk About Sex…But I’m Going to Do It Anyway

I hate to talk about sex. (And hate isn’t a word I use lightly.) There’s still a lot of shame I have associated from the past, and even though I know it’s all under the blood and I’m a new creature in Christ…there is still a part of my brain that reminds me of my wrong doing.

I grew up in the church. And I’ve always known that sex before marriage is wrong. But we never really talked about why. The conversation just sort of stopped at ‘don’t do it.’ Continue reading

The Making of a Marriage: DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Devon Franklin and Meagan Good

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good

A couple weeks ago, I got to interview DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good about their new relationship book, The Wait. My editor asked that I write a story about the arch of their relationship—being single, married, and eventual parents. And I did.

But today, I wanted to share parts of the interview I had to leave out.

Why I’m SO Excited

It’s not often we get to hear from a Hollywood couple on why they decided to honor God by saving sex for marriage. (To say that I am excited about their message is an understatement, y’all!)

But I also wanted to get another perspective from a Christian, black, man and get some clarity on points I didn’t quite understand in the book.

We talked about:

  • Why singles should put themselves first
  • Why we shouldn’t be treated like spouses until we’re married
  • Why Meagan didn’t ask DeVon out
  • And whether or not women should make the first move

Continue reading

Birthday Blues: 25, 35, and the Time in Between

My Granddad & Me

My Granddad & Me

I remember my 25th birthday like it was yesterday.  I was living in El Paso, TX with my granddad and studying to get my MBA. My parents sent roses to the teaching assistant’s office, and I was grateful. (Who isn’t grateful to get roses at work?!)

But I also think I had a case of birthday blues.

It felt like I was behind.

Because I had this grand plan: I was going to meet my husband at 24, get married at 26, and have a kid at 28. The thing is, none of that had happened. Continue reading

The Odds Are Against Us, But It Don’t Even Matter


The odds say that black women are less likely to marry.  CNN was kind enough to do an entire series on it in 2008. And a recent report by the Brookings Institute is reminding us of those dismal facts.

This is not new information.

But, I’m writing about this today because I had a conversation with a new friend about the topic. It was one of those conversations you walk away from and you’re like ‘Dang. I gotta DO SOMETHING.’ But, you’re just not quite sure what. Continue reading

Confessions of Faith: Breaking Soul Ties

Guest Blogger: Faith Simone  (@FaithSimone2011) 

I’m about to go in on a touchy subject, soul ties. And I’ve gotta say, I’m not too comfortable with it.

But I’ve been around long enough to know that when I’m afraid to speak, the words I have to say will have the most impact for someone. So I speak them anyway.

I do it because I know that someone needs to hear these words, feel them, and tuck them away right next to their own quiet shame or sour bitterness or red-hot rage. Until they’re ready to let it all go, walk into the cool calm waters of acceptance, and float on the weightless glory of forgiveness. Continue reading

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