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The Intervention

Intervention, stop, concernLate last week my dear friend and colleague, Faye, came to my office. I could tell by the way her eye brows were furrowed that she meant business. Faye edits my work too. So, my first thought was “Lord, what have I done now?”

She sat down and began with the usual pleasantries. “How are you? What are your plans for the weekend, How is your family back home ¬†etc. etc.” I explained (nonchalantly) that I was going to run, hang out with some friends, see a musical, that my family was doing well…the usual.

And then the boot dropped. Faye was here to stage an intervention for my dating life. “Simone, do you even want to meet a guy? I mean, have you even asked God where you can meet guys? I mean to date…not to evangelize. Seriously, he’s not going to show up on your door step wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I’m the one.’ Simone, I don’t think you are taking this stuff seriously because if you were…you would be trying to make yourself available. Its going to take two years you know. One to date and a year to be engaged. Have you thought about that? I doubt it. Because clearly, you’d be frustrated if you had.”

People, I cannot make this stuff up.

So, after an hour of “counseling.” We agreed that I would make better decisions on how I spend my time. The goal is to make myself more available to meeting guys.

As a good faith effort, I decided to go to a fireworks display on Saturday night, rather than a musical. Let’s face it there wouldn’t be any eligible bachelor’s at a musical.

However, I didn’t tell Faye that I spent Friday night…in my apartment…reading a book until 4:30 a.m. Now, that’s my idea of a good time!


  1. Gosh, I leave the office at all the wrong times…

    Strange though, reading a book until the wee early of the morning is my idea of a good time as well…

  2. I know right?!?! You missed it by 20 minutes, but then again it may not have been as dramatic if you had been there:-) I agree…reading is FUNdamental

  3. 1) That is awkward
    2) She has some good points
    3) I love that you shared this story!

    Simone: Girlfriend, do not think about her comments of 2 years (you are an overacheiver you can do it in 1!) That is totally embarrasing that she did that, and a bit rude, but you could open up your schedule a wee bit just in case you meet somebody!

  4. Oh No! No! No! I think you got the wrong idea Heather. Faye is one of my absolutely very best closest friends ever. She is frank, but a delightful person. And I appreciate the courage it took for her to share what was on her heart. Although, Faye, was very shall we say direct. I really had not been asking God WHERE I should go and WHAT I should be doing. So, I took it as good advice. AND, I love what you said about opening up my schedule…I'm aiming to do that. Love, Simone

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