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Rejection, Writing, and a Good Hair Day Prayer Request

Hey Y’all!

So, I didn’t finish my post on how Morris and I met. Forgive me!


I’ve been trying to polish the first three chapters of the novel to perfection, because I’m headed to my first writer’s conference this week–ACFW. For me the next step, to the traditional publishing process, is getting a literary agent. So, I’ll be pitching the novel to a couple agents and hoping that they ask me for proposals.

Initially, I was really nervous about facing rejection. But two things happened. First, I picked up a new freelance writing job that I didn’t even request. Second, I got AWESOME feedback from an author on the first twenty pages.

Now, this particular author has written over sixty books, and has more than two million copies of her books in print. The crazy thing is, I sent her a draft to critique back in July…but she couldn’t open the file. She reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked for me to resend the file.

But this time, I sent her the third draft rather than the first cringe-worthy July version. And she gave me great feedback and a huge boost of confidence.

Folks, these are miracles! Because another author reviewed the July draft, and her feedback was less than enthusiastic.

So you see, even in my shortcomings He’s kept me.  And I’m THRILLED to see what comes of this conference.


Even if things don’t work out i.e. no one asks for my beautifully crafted proposal or editors aren’t chomping at the bit to give me a ridiculous advance and a ten-book deal.

I am 100 percent certain it’s because God has something different in mind. I actually wrote a post about dealing with rejection a few months ago, and I wanted to share it with you.

I used the example of an ex-boyfriend that dumped me, it was a God-ordaining dumping, though. Because He had something better in mind. Here’s the link:  3 Ways to Heal from the Hurt of Rejection 

Prayer Request

Could you pray for me? Here are my requests:

  • Three Good Hair Days in a Row ( I know. I know. This IS vain, but my hair game affects me mentally. So, just pray for a sista.)
  • That I Make Two New Friends Quickly (Networking is one of my least favorite things in the ENTIRE world. Btw, my new friend Jen has a great post on networking  offline: here. )
  • That my pitches and appointments go smoothly and are tear-free.

Oh yeah! Here’s my pitch for The Day Sonny Died. 

It’s a contemporary novel that sheds light on the struggles young black men are facing in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Everywhere. Here’s a bit about the plot:

When three-year-old Sonny witnessed his father’s brutal murder, he didn’t know a curse  haunting the men in his family was to blame. Constance Jackson, his grandmother, fights to keep Sonny from his father’s fate. But a reluctant grandmother’s gumption and prayers may not be the cure. 

Thanks SO much for your prayers. I really appreciate it. Love, Simone


  1. I’m so excited you finished the 3rd draft! I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Father will do with this project He has you working on! And YES! I am praying for good hair days, it MATTERS!
    I can’t imagine that making 2 new friends would be any issue for you, but OK, I’ll pray for that too. And I am especially praying for seamless, smooth, productive encounters with all of your pitches and appointments. I am sure the Father has set apart one who is capable of doing justice to this very poignant and important novel. LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIMONE!!!!

    • Simone

      September 18, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Linda! First, let me say…I LOVE your new profile picture! I saw it pop up a few days ago.
      Omigoodness. I cannot wait to tell you all about. I’ve only been here half a day and it’s already been filled with Divine appointments/encouragement. One of the speakers talked about just being willing to always say “Yes” to whatever God asks. Of course, I was a basket case. And I was making a bee line for the bathroom to get Kleenex, once he finished talking. But, one of my new friends handed me tissue as soon as I got up from my seat. And I was just like: “Wow, Lord.” You’ve really got this.

      I am almost beside myself to see what He is going to do too! Thank you for your CONTINUED prayers. You are a gift. Love you!

  2. Simone, I hate that I’m late reading this post! I really hope you had your three great hair days in a row (trust me I get it, I had a hair debacle at my author event this past weekend, but we’re not going to get into that) and that your pitches and networking efforts went well. Either way, I know you were in your element at an event catered to helping Christian writers!

    In regards to how that author took time to reach out to you and offer feedback on your novel: how awesome is that???!!! I know it encouraged you so much. This author game is a beast and sometimes it can get you down, but responses like that always come right on time.

    The Day Sonny Died sounds like a timely and much needed novel. I can’t wait to read it once you release it out into the world!
    Faith Simone recently posted…Practice What You Praise: Candice Y. JohnsonMy Profile

    • Simone

      September 21, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      Faith! Thank you SO much for the kind thoughts. I did have three decent hair days in a row. So, I’m calling that a win. Yay Jesus! I’m bummed you had a hair debacle, but I can’t wait to hear about your author event. The last one was such a huge success and I’m always picking up tips from you.

      The conference was AMAZING! My favorite session was “The Wildness of Writing with God.” He talked about how writing is a grand adventure, and just like any adventure there are ups and downs. But, He equips us. The second surprising fact I learned is how much more money indie published books make. One author shared that, she made as much in 7 days on royalties for an independent book as she did in six months combined for her three other publishers. That was pretty shocking!

      But my FAVORITE part was meeting so many other writers that love Jesus. I mean, I just left feeling so encouraged and the Lord encouraged me in an amazing way. One of the things I’ve struggled with is not really FEELING like a writer, but I walked away knowing that this is my mission in life. Thanks so much for the comment on the novel! It is a loooong way from the finish line, but I SO appreciate the support.

  3. Simone
    I completely understand about the hair – praying for you Sister! 🙂 God’s favor is upon you, so you will do well with all of the upcoming events.


    • Simone

      September 22, 2015 at 2:19 pm

      Nan! Thank you SO much for your prayers…I had an AWESOME time. God just showed up in an amazing way and confirmed a lot of things I had questions about: like am I supposed to be doing this? Am I REALLY a writer? etc. My hair didn’t look too shabby either:-). In short, I have a lot to be grateful for.

  4. I thought you hair looked great! And I’m thankful we became friends! I’m pretty sure God was 3/3 on answered prayers, my friend!

    • Simone

      September 25, 2015 at 3:57 am

      Bwhahaha! He ABSOLUTELY was 3/3.
      And you are a big answer to a prayer…so grateful for you, Laura! And I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us.

  5. I just found you – but you are encouraging me.
    I understand the hair struggle, but more importantly I’ve been struggling with what’s next for me. Writing brings me joy but I’m so unsure of how to proceed so I’ve been praying about it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    nylse recently posted…Friendships – Three Good FriendsMy Profile

    • Simone

      October 16, 2015 at 1:40 am

      Hey Nylse! Thank you SO much for stopping by and the kind words…they are an answer to my prayers.
      I totally get what you mean about looking for the next step…I LOVE your blog! I’m from a large family too and simply cannot not imagine the loss you experienced. I’m so grateful to know that writing is a source of joy and helped you process living. The best and hardest writing advice I’ve received is: keep writing. It was tough…because I wanted a magic formula. And I didn’t see any “results” i.e. my first freelance job until two years later.

      Where would you like to go with your writing i.e. a book, non-fiction articles, etc? Perhaps I can point you to some online sources. Blessings…Simone

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