A couple years ago, I began interviewing Christian black men to get their views on the barriers that women raise in RW Finalrelationships. My idea was that if I got relationship advice from good men, I could then pass it along to my friends that I love and adore that want to get married.

There were three reocurring barriers:
1. Being Too Independent
2. Not Unpacking Baggage from the Past
3. Treating Men Like Women

Relationship Workshop Testimonial

So, I began hosting relationship workshops on how to overcome relationships barriers. Here’s what one attendee said:

I’m so happy that I participated in your relationship workshop. It was nice sharing with a diverse group of women at different positions on the relationship spectrum. In this safe environment, I learned that I’m not alone and that women have a lot to offer one another on our individual journeys to become all of what God has created us to be, including mature, thoughtful, strong partners for our husbands. Thank you for this wonderful experience. I look forward to participating in future workshops.

Desiree Smith, Manager- Projects and Administration

Host a Workshop and Build Community!

As a result, a book club sprang up and a supportive community of single, dating, and married women is forming. If you’d like to have a relationship workshop for your women’s group, sorority, or church please click:

Download Speaking Packet

There you will find workshop topics, descriptions, and prices.

Need Someone to Write?

While writing about relationships, black history, and my faith are what make me jump out of bed in the morning…I also write web content and blog posts for various websites.

 Here’s a few samples of my work:

The Tennessee Tribune: How Success Came to the Loves
Black and Married with Kids: The Problem with Overnight Millionaires
Urbaanite: Nashville Civil Rights Walking Tour

My Family Fantastic.com had 10,000 unique visitors last year (not including spiders and bots). And the story, I wrote recently for Urbaanite boosted their FB likes and received 3,500 page views in one day!

M. Simone BoydI’ve found that the best way to drive content to your website is to share good content consistently. And I can help you achieve results, through writing:

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