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We’ve been floored by the comments & community that is growing around the message of The Day Sonny Died.Comments & Community

  • At the gym, a man shared with my dad how he’s started reflecting  on the decisions he’d made as a father.
  • A mother shared about her son that started having dreams and asking her about his upbringing.
  • And one of my writer friends told me how it helped her reflect and ask the Lord about her purpose in life.

Only God could do that.

And we’re so grateful for the message of hope and redemption being spread. The thing is, how do we share what God is doing with you?

Sharing Comments

“It’d be great if there was a place people could go to share their thoughts on the book.” That’s what our friend, Bill, told us. It took us a while to implement the suggestion.

But here we be!

Below are four comments. The first two are excerpts from men that are incarcerated. We had the opportunity to share with a group in November and they wrote letters of support to help us access more prisons and possibly schools. The second two excerpts are from Amazon reviews.

“We Find Excuses to Govern Our Lives”

What intrigued me the most is how Sonny’s story was so close to mine. The resentment one feels from not truly knowing your father, or knowing the roots from which you came…Somehow we find excuses to govern our lives, either it be drugs, alcohol, sex anything that can suppress that feeling to take on that responsibility to live as a productive citizens. Most fall victim to gang life because they’re looking for that false sense of love, to fill that void of neglect that blinds you to the beautiful people that God’s surround you with. The Day Sonny Died will be a very inspirational book to share with our youth, because they’re are future.

“I’ve Had Many Near Death Experiences”

I have had many near death experiences. Also, I have had a praying mother that who always looked out for me. She passed on while I’ve been locked up October 15, 2016. I am going to keep moving closer to God and trust he will help me to make a difference in my family. Your book gives me hope. I am thankful for all God has done for me. I worry most about my son. I never knew my blood father. My son and kids have seen me but do not know me or I them. Thanks a lot for the knowledge of your book.

“A Story Behind the Statistic”

Though I anticipated his demise, I would have never thought it would have happened the way that it did. This was not a story spanning only the years of his life but rather encompassing generations. That perspective made the story rich and a true page-turner. While it is fiction, the truth of this story struck me deeply. As written in the book, “The symptoms are different, but the root cause is always the same.” Personally, it reflected many aspects of the stories my cousins and many of their babies’ fathers. This story unveiled the nuances, personalities, beauty and struggles behind what most end up seeing as a statistic on the nightly news.

“Another Story of the Hopeless Cycle?”

I thought this book would be another story of the hopeless cycle in much of urban American life. The stage was set from the first page and what was filled in after that and ultimately opened at the end should give anyone a clearer understanding of the challenge our culture faces. Definitely a good read and call to action.

Want to Share?

If you’ve read the book and would like to share, use the ‘Leave a Reply’ Box at the bottom of the page.

Building Community

There is a growing community of people that know

  • the wounds left when a father is absent
  • that prayer can helps us overcome the cycles our families face
  • and understand that our Heavenly Father is able to heal the wounds left by rejection, anger and fear

If you are one of those people, please join our email list here.

My dad and I would love to keep in touch with you, while we don’t know quite where God is taking us. We want to be good stewards of the message, share and hear what He’s doing on your end.

For Family & Fatherhood,
Onnie I. Kirk Jr.
M. Simone Boyd


  1. I was locked in from the beginning. The book masterfully gives the reader deep insight into the spiritual realm and generational curses. Sonny’s story is seared into my mind forever. As a matter of fact, it is so good that I believe it is destined for the Big Screen!

    Thank you Simone and Onnie!

    • Simone

      February 22, 2017 at 2:11 am

      Hey Scott…from your mouth to God’s ears! We REALLY believe that the Big Screen would help spread this message of Father’s love and cure for the curse in an amazing way. And it is such a gift to know you connected with the story.

      Thank you SO much for sharing your thoughts with us and God bless!

  2. Dear Simone and Onnie,
    I just had the opportunity to read “The day Sonny Died” and I just want to thank God for such a masterful read! Opened my eyes and kept me from succumbing to the curse that I have been aware of all my life but recently had a “head-on collision with it”. Thank you for bringing me back, just in time. I was shaken after reading this book. What a blessing!! Hope to see a movie. I applaud you both!
    I haven’t read a book in a few years but as I was leaving the library this book was put in my path and I was compelled to pick it up.

    • Simone

      August 19, 2017 at 9:11 pm

      Dear Annie,

      What a gift to read your comment?! It has been our prayer that our Heavenly Father would use this story to speak and set people free. Our enemy has such a hold on so many families. It is SUCH a blessing to hear that Jesus is answering our prayers. All I can say is praise the Lord, Annie. Praise the Lord!

      We do hope this story will be a movie one day! We’ve been told for it to be a movie, we must sell 1 MILLION copies. To date we’ve sold about 2,000. We’d be so grateful if you’d keep us in your prayers and help us spread the word by telling friends.

      Love and Peace,

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