So, you are considering hosting a book discussion?

God bless you! We’ve taken an organic approach to sharing The Day Sonny Died . It explores the tragedies we see erupting on the nightly news and highlights the hope of a life surrendered to the Heavenly Father.

And we believe that word of mouth is the best way to spread this message.

4 Steps to Hosting a Book Discussion

  1. Select Two Dates & Propose

    Send your proposed dates vial email to  and include:

    • Two proposed dates
    • Location, City and State
    • And a description of your group (i.e. Friends, Bible Study, Social Workers Association etc.)

    For groups outside of the Nashville area, we ask that you consider a 30 book minimum bulk order. It would help us to offset the cost of travel. However, we never want money to be a factor. So, if you can’t swing the minimum book order email us. Between us, you and the Good Lord…we’ll work something out.

  2. Make a List of Guests (Including Emails or Addresses)

    Once we’ve confirmed your date, make a list of guests. In our experience, half the people invited usually attend. Sunday  afternoons, Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30 pm – 8 pm are generally the best.

  3. Send Invitations 3 Weeks in Advance & Wait for RSVP’s

  4. Serve Snacks or Light H’orderves at the Discussion

Discussion Format

The book discussion has three parts: overview, sharing and Q&A, and book signing. Depending on the size and engagement of your group the discussion lasts between 45 and 75 minutes.


During the overview, Onnie will introduce himself, share on the mission of the Family Foundation Fund and introduce research statistics on the plight of the fatherless. Depending on the audience, he’ll then share:

  • the plan of the enemy to destroy families
  •  the importance of advocacy for the fatherless and building trust
  • a personal story on the power of a praying grandmother and God’s concern for the fatherless

Simone will read relevant scenes from The Day Sonny Died during each section of the overview.

Sharing and Q & A

After the overview, we open the floor for people to share and ask questions. This is generally the best part of the discussion. Because participants have been transparent about their personal wounds.

Book Signing

Following the discussion, we’ll be available to sign books. We just need a table and three chairs. Where appropriate, we’ll have books available for sale and can accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Sample Invitation Language

[Insert Name or Organization]  Invites You To

Headlines, Hashtags & The Need for Fatherhood

A discussion on the importance of fatherhood as it results to the chaos we see erupting on the nightly news.

Onnie I. Kirk Jr. & M. Simone Boyd wrote a novel on this topic, The Day Sonny Died.  In 1993, Onnie started the Family Foundation Fund (FFF) mentoring program. The mission of the of the FFF is to nurture boys from single-parent homes into Christ-centered manhood. His daughter, M. Simone Boyd, quit her job as an energy analyst to research and write about families and relationships. Her writing and workshops focus on faith, family and black history.

They will be joining us for the evening to share on their book, the need for fatherhood and the importance of hearing our Heavenly Father during these pivotal times.

Please join us at [insert location] on [insert day, date and time]

Considering Hosting at Church or Large Group?

Attached below is a one-page information sheet that you could present to your pastor or another decision makerIt includes:

  • a brief description of the story
  • short bios for M. Simone Boyd & Onnie I. Kirk Jr.
  •  and highlights the wounds often found in the fatherless

One-Page Information Sheet: The Day Sonny Died 

For Family and Fatherhood,
Onnie I. Kirk Jr. &
M. Simone Boyd