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Why I Hate to Talk About Sex…But I’m Going to Do It Anyway

I hate to talk about sex. (And hate isn’t a word I use lightly.) There’s still a lot of shame I have associated from the past, and even though I know it’s all under the blood and I’m a new creature in Christ…there is still a part of my brain that reminds me of my wrong doing.

I grew up in the church. And I’ve always known that sex before marriage is wrong. But we never really talked about why. The conversation just sort of stopped at ‘don’t do it.’ Continue reading

What Men Wish Women Knew (Part 2)

The Chat

Earlier this year, I shared the first part of this video series by Priscilla Shirer. (She is one of my favorite Bible teachers.)

And in the second part of this series she discusses: the male ego, why guys don’t lead, submission, and sex.

I love this video series, because we get to hear from God-fearing men (one of them single) on how to steward our relationships and help our men be all that God has called them to be. Continue reading

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