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How To Follow God When You Don’t Know Where He’s Leading

Follow God

The past two months have been quite the adventure in how to follow God. At times, the path has been bright and filled with hope. But many times, the path has been dark and God’s goodness has felt very far away.  I feel like all of us have these seasons:

  • where we’re just frustrated with following the Lord
  • His answers don’t seem to be come fast enough
  • and we wonder…is all this worth it?

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Why I Hate to Talk About Sex…But I’m Going to Do It Anyway

I hate to talk about sex. (And hate isn’t a word I use lightly.) There’s still a lot of shame I have associated from the past, and even though I know it’s all under the blood and I’m a new creature in Christ…there is still a part of my brain that reminds me of my wrong doing.

I grew up in the church. And I’ve always known that sex before marriage is wrong. But we never really talked about why. The conversation just sort of stopped at ‘don’t do it.’ Continue reading

The Making of a Marriage: DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good

Devon Franklin and Meagan Good

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good

A couple weeks ago, I got to interview DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good about their new relationship book, The Wait. My editor asked that I write a story about the arch of their relationship—being single, married, and eventual parents. And I did.

But today, I wanted to share parts of the interview I had to leave out.

Why I’m SO Excited

It’s not often we get to hear from a Hollywood couple on why they decided to honor God by saving sex for marriage. (To say that I am excited about their message is an understatement, y’all!)

But I also wanted to get another perspective from a Christian, black, man and get some clarity on points I didn’t quite understand in the book.

We talked about:

  • Why singles should put themselves first
  • Why we shouldn’t be treated like spouses until we’re married
  • Why Meagan didn’t ask DeVon out
  • And whether or not women should make the first move

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The Truth About Serial Dating

Picture your heart as a whole apple pie.  For every emotional entanglement (real or perceived), you are giving away a slice of that pie. If you do that consistently, what will be left for your dream man?

Image | Betty Crocker

Proverbs says: Guard your heart with all diligence, because out of it flow the issues of life. Continue reading

Are You Tired of Waiting?

 Me too.

A few months ago, Morris and I were waiting in line to buy movie tickets and there were 4 people ahead of us. Initially, this was not a problem. But, ten minutes later the line had not moved at all. It was a perfect storm: one cashier, a group of six, seeing several movies, and they had credit card trouble. So, I panicked and began giving the cashier dirty looks that screamed “Seriously?

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What a BMW Taught Me about Dating & Waiting (Update)

One of the toughest things to do while you are single is to wait. Especially, if you are not dating.

And, waiting for Mr. Right to find you takes the patience of Job. You may wonder things like “God, are you really working on this?” Or “Did you know that I am not getting in younger?”



At least, those are the questions I had.

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Rerun: 28 Days and Counting

As I mentioned last week, for the month of July we’ll be taking a walk down memory lane to where this blog all started. Four years ago my younger brother had the audacity to get married before me and the single Simone was a little worried. 
Isaac & Simone

My brother, Isaac, is getting married in 28 days. I am more than excited for him. But, I am less than enthusiastic for myself. You see, Isaac is 25. I am 28. He is getting married before me, and that presents a conundrum. Why you say? Because, I will have to face all of our family, all of our friends, and all their questions.You know the questions I’m referring to. The one’s that come with raised eyebrows and feigned courtesy. You look great, Simone, how are you doing? Translation: You aren’t ugly, Simone, why aren’t you married? Ahhhh!

What’s a single girl to do? How do I explain that I am content? I LOVE my, family, job, apartment, friends, church, and all around life. How do I explain that when I wake up in the morning I thank God for another day that I get to live in this FANTASTIC city? Why does it have to boil down to this one future guy that I hope to meet in the near or distant future?

Yes. One day I do want to be married. Yes. I do want to have 4-6 kids. No. I am not delusional. I know that if I want to have that many kids I’ll have to start sooner rather than later. And No. I’m not one of those Sex in the City gals that thinks having a great career, wearing high heels to walk 20 blocks, and sleeping around is the life. I’m just not in a hurry. Can that be okay?

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