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What Men Wish Women Knew (Part 1)

The ChatDid you know that the phrase “can we talk” is a conversation killer for most men? Or that the best way to talk to your fella is while you are doing something else?

Those are a couple of the relationship tips I learned from watching the video “What Men Wish Women Knew.” There were soooo many nuggets of wisdom from the fellas.

And I found myself talking to the screen as if I was in church. I kept dropping phrases like:  “talk about it!”, “hmm”, and “say it!”

Here’s the link to the show: The Chat. For some odd reason, I can’t embed the video here. Sowwy:-(. The video is 29 minutes and some change. But just in case you don’t have time to watch the entire video. I’ve watched it and included time stamps for each topic. So, you can fast forward if needed.

Relationship Tips from The Fellas

What False Assumptions Do Women Make About Men? (3:20)

Why Don’t Men Talk? (4:45)

How Do We Get Our Men to Open Up? (5:50)

The Ultimate Conversation Killer (6:30)

What Do You Find Unattractive in Women? (7:25)

How Should a Woman Let a Guy Know She’s Interested? (8:30)

What’s Up with Christian Men? (9:45)

What Top 3 Things Make a Man Want to Put a Ring on It? (15:45)

What Matters Most: Spiritual Strength or Physical Attraction? (18:15)

Why Do Men Like the Chase? (19:50)

How Do You Keep the Mystery in Marriage? (21:45)

How Do You Get Your Man to Connect? (24:30)

My Takeaways

My top three takeaways all centered around ways to improve communication.

  • The phrase “Can We Talk?” is a conversation killer.
  • The best way to connect is to do something he likes to do.
  • And the best time to talk is while engaging in some sort of activity.

So, I’m going to make an effort to meet Morris on his turf more. I think that means I’ll be going to more baseball games and watching more sci-fi.

What was your key takeaway? And is there anything you will do differently? 



  1. I haven’t checked out the video/chat link yet, but I definitely need to. I’m sure it’s full of great info. One, because you recommended it and two, because I’ve heard Priscilla Shirer speak before and she’s awesome. I used to attend her dad’s church when I lived in Dallas.

    I’m finally ready to get married. Like yesterday. It took me forever to get comfortable with the idea of marriage (all I could see was endless compromise and sacrifice, and the fact that you have to pledge to be with ONE person forever!) But now I know that it’s all of that plus a lot of positives. Thank God for a renewed mind 😉

    • Simone

      May 7, 2015 at 1:18 am

      Whoa! You used to go Oak Cliff?! That is awesome. I SO want to visit there. I heard her last year at a women’s conference (for the first time) and was blown away. I’ve read two of her Bible Studies and watched most of her YouTube Videos. In short, I agree. She is wonderful!

      YAY Jesus!!! So happy you’ve warmed up to the idea of marriage, Faith Simone. You know, there is sacrifice and compromise. But, soooo many positives. It’s funny but I can’t really describe the feeling —Not like “you complete me.” But more like — having someone to share every joy, bad day, and bad hair:-) and knowing that they’ll be there no matter what. It’s freeing. And I feel like I’m a better version of myself. I once heard a comparison of marriage is like sandpaper…rough at the beginning…but the sanding process brings out something shiny and smooth.

      Thanks so much for sharing, Faith Simone! Hearing that made my day:-).

  2. Ummm so this was right on time! I received the message about asking men if we can talk rt before watching this lol. So this was confirmation. I realize i have no men around me to know how they think or function. I have a lot of work to do to learn about men! Tx!!

    • Simone

      May 8, 2015 at 10:04 pm

      Nicole! SO glad you watched the video and that the timing was good.

      Isn’t it SOOO eye-opening to learn how men think and function completely different from us?! Like, I really wouldn’t be worried if a friend told me “hey, can we talk”…I’d just think it was something serious. But the Lord has wired our brothers differently :-). And like you said, we just have to be open to learning.

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