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What a BMW Taught Me about Dating & Waiting (Update)

One of the toughest things to do while you are single is to wait. Especially, if you are not dating.

And, waiting for Mr. Right to find you takes the patience of Job. You may wonder things like “God, are you really working on this?” Or “Did you know that I am not getting in younger?”



At least, those are the questions I had.

But, one day while walking down U Street I was whining to God (of course, in the most respectful way that one can do that). Because I had been in D.C. for all of two months, and I hadn’t met The One yet.

I mean, Gee Whiz, I says to myself. “I know that’s why You brought me here, because my ex-boyfriend just dumped me and I know you brought me here to meet someone better. And that’ll fix him, God, we’ll show him won’t we? But, why are you taking SOOOO long. I mean, God, I haven’t met one single guy that loves You. Are you sure that you know what your are doing? I mean I know You know what you are doing, but could you speed it up a little?”

As I continued to walk down the street, I passed a beautiful two-door BMW.

So, I quickly down shifted from whining to God to assessing the character of the owner of such a lavish vehicle. I mean, clearly he doesn’t manage his money well nor does he give to charity because he is a knot-head that drives a 70-thousand dollar car. The nerve.


 And then I saw the bumper stickers. Two of them.
The one on the left read: “Don’t be fooled by my car, my treasure is in heaven.”
The one on the right read: “Real Men Love Jesus.”

I nearly passed out.

God had just reached down from high heaven to give me, Simone, a kiss when I needed it the most. Those two bumper stickers spoke to me in ways that I really can’t explain. But, it reminded me that He is taking care of me and He’s got everything under control.

If you are single and wondering when your Mr. Right is coming. Look for the daily kisses from God. They are always there…we just overlook them.

Question: What God Kisses have you received lately?


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