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Conversation A; Conversation B

I’m pretty shy. Wait, I know what you are thinking. “Simone, you are the farthest thing from shy.” But in actuality, I am shy…when it comes to guys that I think I might like. I have a bad habit of ignoring them. I get all nervous, and can’t think straight, and can’t make coherent sentences. In other words, I lose all sense of normalcy. So, I resort to ignoring them in an effort to keep from saying anything stupid.

There are three simple things that I look for in a guy. But, they sure are hard to come by!
1. Tall
2. Loves Jesus
3. Volunteers
Number 1 is somewhat negotiable, but 2 and 3 most certainly are not. Of course, he has to be honest, hard working, love his family, etc. etc. but those are all things that I expect.

Here is a typical conversation that I might have with a guy that I have no interest in what so ever.

Conversation A
Simone: Good Morning, Titus! How are you?
Guy A: Good, Simone, how are you?

Simone: Well, thank you. Did you have a good weekend?
Guy A: I did, buy I didn’t do much watched the game, hung out with some friends, and went running. That’s about it.

Simone: Sounds like you had a good weekend! I went running too, but the heat made it pretty tough. I’m going to try and run earlier next weekend. Are you training for anything?
Guy A: Yes, the Marine Corp Marathon. I’ve run it a couple of years in a row.

Simone: Whoa! That’s awesome. I dream about doing a marathon one day, but I’m not there yet. Congratulations on setting that tremendous physical goal, Titus. It was good to talk to you. Have a good day!
Guy A: You too, Simone. See you later.

Now, for the conversation with the guy that I think I might like…but I have no idea because I’ve never had a decent conversation with him.

Conversation B

Guy B: Hi Simone! How are you?
Simone: Well, thank you.

Guy B: Did you have a good weekend?
Simone: Yes, thank you

Guy B: Oh, what did you do?
Simone: Nothing much, just hung around

Guy B: Well, that sounds nice. Have a good day, Simone
Simone: Thanks.

Why on Earth do I do this? If I could only get myself to have Conversation A with Guy B.

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  1. Titus? Another assumed name?

    But those things happen with most people, Ive found that, if you know you're going to encounter this person, thinking ahead about what you're going to say helps. Usually just one line, think along the lines of…"i'm going to tell him I did this." I find often times the convo goes a lot smoother after that ice breaker.

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