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Earlier this year my little brother , Isaiah, was featured on a local blog. He’s co-parenting the cutest little boy you will ever lay your eyes on. (Okay, so I’m biased. )

By dawn , he’s a ball player.  He works out and practices several hours a day. By day, he’s a farmer and helps run an organic farm. But, he lives for the time he gets to spend with Obie, every other week. 

I admire Isaiah, because he’s put his dreams on hold to be father. And he’s worked really hard to get his life back on track where the Lord wants to take him.

He’s had a couple of chances to play overseas, but he always declines and says “that’s not an option.” Because he doesn’t want to miss out on Obie’s development

Of course, women make sacrifices like this all the time. But, in honor of Father’s Day…I want to celebrate my little brother that’s doing the same thing.

Question: Do you have any contacts with the NBA or the Memphis Grizzlies?  If so, please give me a holler. 

I’d love to get my brother scheduled for a summer workout. Love, Simone



  1. You might be biased, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that your nephew is ADORABLE!!!! I just want to nibble those cheeks and dive into those eyes. He put’s the ‘C’ in cute.

    I clicked on the link and your brother seems to have that quiet strength that many younger men try to imitate, but only a few actually possess. He seems like the type that just goes about the business of getting things done; no fuss, no drama.

    I wish I had a contact with the NBA or Grizzlies, but sadly I don’t. Unless you count the ultimate contact, which is Jesus. Let’s put some prayer on that thing! God knows what’s best.
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    • Simone

      June 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

      You agree with me! I know what you mean…his little cheeks and eyes just suck you in.

      Thank you so much for reading his stories, Faith! It’s been a journey, but Isaiah possesses exactly what you said…”quiet strength.” I’m amazed sometimes at what he’s overcome, and how he handles the challenges of co-parenting. To the point, where I sometimes think he lets people take advantage of him. But He’s resolved to leave it in the Lord’s hands. (I’m learning from him to be MORE patient.)

      Now, that’s a good reminder! Jesus is the ULTIMATE contact…thanks so much for your prayers.

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